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We provide opportunities to perform in live concerts and song recording


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Gladys Chan



The greatest singing touches audience's mind, heart and soul.

The Leading Voice – a complete vocal training program to develop a true singer.



Student Performance Showcase Music (back to Showcase list page)




D 當我想你的時候 (Pauline T.) (The Leading Voice 2014 Concert)


It never rains in Southern California (David M.) (Gladys Chan LIVE 2015)


L 戀之火 (Amy C.) (The Leading Voice 2013 Concert)


Sweet dreams (Osanda L.) (The Leading Voice 2012 Concert)


情人_Eling L. (Gladys Chan LIVE 2015)





B 把根留住 (Dah-Ming W.)


B 白狐(Sandi Y.)


C 傳奇(Tracy)


D 當年情 (Paul C.) (Dec 2014)


F 風流夢 (Amy C.)


My Heart Will Go On (Sukhy)