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Gladys Chan



The greatest singing touches audience's mind, heart and soul.

The Leading Voice – a complete vocal training program to develop a true singer.



Gladys' Cantonese Operas Demos (back to Demo main page)




F 紫釵記之花街拾翠(粵曲欣賞 2011)


G 光緒皇夜祭珍妃 (Leading Voice 2014 Concert)


G 紫釵記之劍合釵圓 (粵曲欣賞 2011)


H 帝女花之香夭 (Gladys Chan in Concert 2008)


Y 游龍戲鳳 (Gladys Chan LIVE 2015)





D 三笑姻緣之點秋香


D 俏潘安之店遇


U 帝女花之庵遇(上) (Gladys Chan 粵曲會知音 CD)